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Last updated on August 21st, 2019 at 12:15 pm

Residential Interior

office interior design






Like the plan and structure, interior of  building or home is also very important, interior designing is basically an art, to gives a style, beauty, and an elegant look to  the room or buildings. the interior reflects the creativity of  and thinking of the interior designer .  the color, furniture, show case items etc played an important in the interior design.

Residence Interior Designing

Home is where all our dreams come true, so everybody needs there home as the best in case of looks, space, and to be very attractive  in there own aspect, these requirements basically move to the home interior design , we are the best interior designer Calicut, malappuram do Residence Interior Designing at reasonable price with no compromise on quality.

Apartment Interior Designing

apartment interior is not that much easy, but a decorating apartment gives a great look and the apartments only give complete look only if it is designed with good ideas. false ceiling, flooring, painting, wood work, furniture and furnishings, lighting and so many things must be noticed while designing apartments. we provide the best service in calicut, malappuram

Modular kitchen Interior Designing

Kitchen is one of the most important part in every home, it must be good looking and spacious also,  every one phasing big problem, while arranging items in kitchen , it must in a manner in which everything will be easily available and easy find also but also to be in a well maintained order, modular kitchen ideas will meet all there requirements. we are utilizing best quality wood and other raw materials for modular kitchen interiors.

Evens construction is one of the best interior designer malappuram , we have the best designers and experts in this designing field. we are doing interior of   home, apartment, office, health care etc.

Commercial Space Interior






Commercial Interior Designing

interior design in commercial spaces is a wide category, we can do so many things to make our office, restaurants, retail stores lobbies etc most beautiful , most interior designers now follow certain themes in commercial space interior to make it most attractive, everything will be in a matching order.

Retail shop Interior Designing

the interior of retai shops can make great impact among the customers, a better designed shop look more spacious and attractive for the customers.

Offices Interiors Designing

the office interior must be design in a way in which it must be attractive to the employees. every employees need a workplace that focuses on cooperation and  communication among the workers, and at the same time reduces work pressure and tension. Even contruction offer interior designing at the best price for office in calicut, thrissur, malappuram, ernakulam etc..

Hotel lobby Interior Designing

the entrance of the hotel make first impression among thecustomers , it is very important to make any guest feel welcome.

Hotel suites Interior Designing

the interior  of hotel rooms must  be in a warm and charm atmosphere which helps in creating a positive energy among the customers. the hotel rooms must provide feeling of a home to the guest.

 Interior Custom Package

custom packages are best suited for homes, space management, furniture layout , lighting arrangements  etc are included.

Even Construction Interior Custom Package

(Cost: Rs.25,000/- or AED: 1500/- in UAE)

  • 3D Floor Plans Ground Floor                 (1 Revision)
  • 3D Floor Plans First Floor                       (1 Revision)
  • 2D Kitchen cabinet style and finish      (2 Revisions)
  • 3D Kitchen View                                        (1 Revision)
  • 2D Wardrobe drawings                            (2 Revisions)
  • 3D Wardrobe and finish                           (1 Revision)
  • 2D Special Design drawings                    (1 Revision)
  • Suggested Electrical Layout                     (2 Revisions/Modifications)
  • Plumbing & Heating Layout                     (2 Revisions/Modifications)
  • 2D Interior door type and finish              (3 Revisions / 3 Styles)
  • 2D Exterior door styles                              (3 Revisions / 3 Styles)
  • 2D Door & Windows Frame Details        (1 Revision)
  • Exterior window style and drawings       (3 Revisions)
  • Stairways & Handrail with details            (2 Revisions)
  • Additional 3D Views (not included in this package). Additional interior views will cost Rs.4,000/view
  • Online monitoring & updating
  • All documents will be delivered in A3 Size in electronic format or in hard copy.

Please find the attachment for the  Sample Interior-Package

Even Construction  also undertake construction works as per choice like Site Consultancy / Supervision, Full Contract and the cost for these services will be sent in detail upon request. We need local contact address / plot description (width, length, shape, front road, facing angle, etc.) or provide us to see the location which will be rather convenient (for the plot survey by the Engineers), then according to the Plot and angle we will make a plan based on Vasthu & Thachu  Shastram.