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Last updated on November 25th, 2019 at 04:20 am

We provide following packages to provide the house design service Option-1: Architectural Custom Package In this package we  will  provide entire Plan & Design according to Vasthu, Plot Features, Direction & Angle, as well as the budget, etc. Our architectural services cover the full set of drawings required for complete construction from traditional to contemporary. We have ample experience and expertise in our designing services since more than 10 years and we have completed designing services for nearly 1000 satisfied customers. The customers have an option to select the designs from our design gallery according to their choice. Option-2: Interior Custom Package Consisting of entire interior plan layout like space management, furniture layout, built-up ariel view and interior details, including electrical, plumbing, kitchen, wardrobe, etc. for the proposed house. Please see the package details, for the design work which includes the following:

Architectural Custom Package 01





(Cost: Rs.25,000/- (Incl all taxes) or AED: 1500/- in UAE)

  • Preliminary Floor Plan                        (Maximum 5 revisions/modifications)
  • Final Floor Plan                                    (Finalizing the Floor Plan)
  • 2D Front Elevation                               (Maximum 5 revisions/modifications)
  • 2D Side Elevation                                 (1 Revision)
  • 3D Elevation                                         (A physical animated model after construction)
  • 1 Revision, Every additional views from different angle will cost Rs.2000/view)
  • Detailed Section XX                             (1 Revision )
  • Detailed Section YY                              (1 Revision )
  • Roof Plan                                                (1 Revision )
  • Foundation Plan & Details                  (1 Revision )
  • Site Set Out Plan                                    (1 Revision )
  • Basic construction drawings                (1 Revision )
  • Detailed Estimation                               (1 Revision )
  • Bill of Material                                         (1 Revision )
  • Drawings for all statutory approvals from Panchayath / Municipality / Corporation
  • Online monitoring & updating.
  • All documents will be delivered in A3 Size in electronic format or in hard copy.

Please find the attachment PDF for the  Sample Architectural Custom Package 

[For the Site Visit and Survey outside Thrissur we charge Rs: 3500/-, if within Thrissur the charges will be Rs.1500/- (Engineer’s plot survey charges may vary depends upon distance or send detailed plot sketch and will work out accordingly]

Interior Custom Package 02

Interior Custom PackageInterior Custom PackageInterior Custom Package





(Cost: Rs.25,000/- or AED: 1500/- in UAE)

  • 3D Floor Plans Ground Floor                 (1 Revision)
  • 3D Floor Plans First Floor                       (1 Revision)
  • 2D Kitchen cabinet style and finish      (2 Revisions)
  • 3D Kitchen View                                        (1 Revision)
  • 2D Wardrobe drawings                            (2 Revisions)
  • 3D Wardrobe and finish                           (1 Revision)
  • 2D Special Design drawings                    (1 Revision)
  • Suggested Electrical Layout                    (2 Revisions/Modifications)
  • Plumbing & Heating Layout                     (2 Revisions/Modifications)
  • 2D Interior door type and finish               (3 Revisions / 3 Styles)
  • 2D Exterior door styles                              (3 Revisions / 3 Styles)
  • 2D Door & Windows Frame Details        (1 Revision)
  • Exterior window style and drawings       (3 Revisions)
  • Stairways & Handrail with details            (2 Revisions)
  • Additional 3D Views (not included in this package). Additional interior views will cost Rs.4,000/view
  • Online monitoring & updating
  • All documents will be delivered in A3 size in electronic format or in hard copy.

Please find the attachment for the  Sample Interior-Package

We also undertake construction works as per choice like Site Consultancy / Supervision, Full Contract and the cost for these services will be sent in detail upon request. We need local contact address / plot description (width, length, shape, front road, facing angle, etc.) or provide us to see the location which will be rather convenient (for the plot survey by the Engineers), then according to the Plot and angle we will make a plan based on Vasthu & Thachu  Shastram.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT RATE Rs.45,000/- or AED 2650/-for FULL PACKAGE (Architectural + Interior Package)

  • The preliminary plan will be finalized within 5 days.
  • Rearranging the base plan will be allowed maximum 5 revisions
  • The site visit and survey charges are excluded from the Custom Package charges
  • For all the approvals relevant documents need to be provided by the clients

Terms of Payment:

  • 100% payment in advance for starting the Architectural & Interior Package work
  • Payment should be made by Bank Transfer / DD / Cash payment to:
  • Evens Construction Pvt. Ltd., 
    A/c No. 12790200317479,
    Federal Bank Ltd, Irinjalakuda, Thrissur Dt., Kerala.
    IFSC Code: FDRL0001279
    MICR Code 
    Branch Code
    : 001279