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Last updated on March 18th, 2019 at 10:53 am

Plumbing is an important aspect of home. Shoddy workmanship on the part of plumber, knock-off sanitary and plumbing wares, and non-strategic layout of pipelines can spell lifelong problems. Plumber should never be brought in later stages of the construction of home. Instead, you need to arrange an audience of the builder with plumber initially so that the home design can be meticulously developed with proper provisions of pipe layout. Any concealed leakage would be hard to detect initially and would be evident only after significant damage has been done. This negligence on part of builder may cost you extra bucks on renovation. Kerala gets heavy monsoons and accordingly any additional water leakage, blockage or pipe bursts can translate into manmade disaster.

Get the layout planned on a visual scale
Availability of cutting edge 3D software help you visualize the plumbing layout vis-à-vis the overall plan. This would help the masons to leave enough scope for materializing the agreed upon plumbing layout at a later stage.

Plan judiciously
Cosmetic sanitary wares and plumbing fixtures can add character to your home décor. Refrain from cramming your space with an overdose of fixtures as your convenience may be compromised and your investment wont’ offer projected comfort.

Stress on quality
Cost efficiency is an important factor but you need to count on product quality. Cheaper fixtures have shortened lifespan and would seek constant remediation. Branded products are reasonably priced and service is readily available in the event of an unwanted defect.

Enquire about the track record of the plumbing agency
The agency that you are planning to outsource the plumbing work should be scrutinized for satisfactory track record. Enquire about the number of projects they have executed in the past and ask for references from the locality with which you can cross-check the veracity of claim.

Ask for sufficient ventilation
Bathroom needs to have provision for streamlined flow of air. This is necessary to prevent condensation as water drying would result in mildew spores and black patches.

Consider all aspects
Ensure that the finalized pipe size is sufficient to cater to all sanitary applications you plan to install. Understand the impact of filters and other appliances on water pressure. Apportion the water flow needed for landscaping maintenance and get installed backflow protection. Align plumbing arrangement strategically with solar panels to tap on suns energy.

Always opt for technically sound, contemporarily equipped, experienced and professional plumbers to enjoy peace of mind.