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Last updated on March 18th, 2019 at 10:34 am

You need to aesthetically furnish your home. This requires careful planning so that you don’t go overboard with budget and also refrain from purchasing redundant items.

Embark on the task by making a list of your preferences. The colours, laminate patterns, textures, upholstery type, dimensions of proposed furniture should be noted down in consultation with your family members. This would ensure that everyone’s desires would be adequately reflected. Give your home décor a thorough look and decide the dominant theme.

You can go for casual furniture that is more comfortable, earthy and wood oriented. Contemporary furnishing consists of metallic frames in unpretentious angular shapes. As a Keralite, you are closer to nature. You can keep the feeling of communion with nature intact through country themes that are soft, have florid patterns and consist mainly of decorated woods. Alternately, you can opt for traditional looks that bear the antique style, are manufactured out of darkened red woods, and showcase fine works of chintz and damask. Eclectic looks can be pulled off with ethnic pieces that are examples of fine craftsmanship and are individualized to your needs.

You can stick to one dominant theme for the entire room. Further, the continuum can be punctuated with furniture pieces that serve to accent a particular space. Contrasting colours would also do well.

An interior designer can relieve you from the torment of having to brainstorm over ideas. You can go through trendy themes that are in sync with your thought pattern and arrive at the best design. The furniture palette carried by the designer would give you numerous options. You can also visualize how the proposed furniture would complement the overall design of the rooms through lifelike 3D imaging drawn up through advanced software.

If you are running short of ideas and don’t want to hire the services of a professional interior designer, you can simply take to the internet for ideas. Online experts would also help you narrow down on choices.

Decide your budget. Browse through various lifestyle stores to check out prices of furniture items you have finalized. This would help you tentatively figure out whether you are within budget or gone overboard. If you are exceeding the price limit set by you, go slow and purchase those pieces which are staple items. As your budget grows, buy in the fancy and luxury pieces. Always keep your eyes open to avail of discounts and offers.