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Last updated on March 18th, 2019 at 11:15 am

The house foundation is the most vital element on which rests the entire framework of your home. It needs to be meticulously planned and executed for durability, reliability, longevity, water resistance, safety from earthquake and other force majeure.

You need to hire a civil engineer prior to starting the work on the foundation. He will inspect the concrete foundation and certify its integrity. House with basement should infallibly have its foundation strength endorsed by an engineer. For marking of the outline of foundation, a surveyor needs to be engaged for accurate dimensional measurements.

After marking, a JCB or excavator has to be hired for digging the area earmarked for foundation. You should ask the plumber and electrician to visit the site at this point of time to ensure that excavation for earth pits, cable network, drainage, pipeline layout and other important aspects can be carried out simultaneously. Prior to commencing work on the foundation and allied structures, you need secure needful clearances from regulatory authorities of local civic body.

The soil in your area may not be strong enough to bear the load of the foundation. The soil sample would be tested by the civil engineer to gauge its efficacy. Based on his findings, you may have to import soil such as drain rocks or pit runs into your area for inducing stabilizing effect. If the level of the area is low, the same has to be elevated by dumping in additional soil. Levelling of soil should be done with compactor prior to laying of the foundation.

Before pouring of the concrete in the trench, you need to consult your plumber, HVAC agency and electrician to ensure that any important installation is carried out at the base. The foundation and footing should be simultaneously laid out. The wooden or plastic framing that is done on the foundation to protect it from intrusions is usually stripped off within a day as the concrete solidifies. The stripped objects should be placed in a safe manner so as not to impede the construction work in progress.
Those locations in the foundation that would be underneath the level ground have to be waterproofed. You can hire the services of concrete finishing professionals to thoroughly carry out the task of foundation making. Drain tiles should be placed skirting the house if provision for basement is present. The upper surface of the drain tile must be contiguous to the foundation joint.