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Wire & Switches

Last updated on March 18th, 2019 at 10:48 am

Electrical wiring of your home can be expected to deliver seamless performance if you have consciously invested on superior quality wires and switches. Branded wires are less liable to develop glitches whereas quality switches ensure efficient power supply to appliances without needing to be replaced at regular intervals.

Choose switch type wisely
Always opt for modular switches manufactured out of thermoplastic polycarbonates. FR grade polymers make switches non-inflammable and dust resistant. By virtue of high melting point, the switches can endure sudden high voltages without catching fire. You can choose shapes and styles that complement the aesthetics of your home décor. It is desirable to choose white coloured, noise proof switches which can be put on and off without having to apply extra force. The spark shield embedded within modular switch prevents sparks from being manifested which keeps current from leaking and damaging ground connection.

Consciously select wire type
Always go for copper wires with multiple strands and not aluminium. The wire must bear the ISI 694 (Part I) imprint on it. The electrolytic grade needs to be 99.97%. The wire should have three layers of insulation for water, heat and fire resistance respectively. Properly insulated wire usually carries HRFR mark. The heat enduring capability of the wire should be high with its melting point beyond 100o Celsius. Wire size also matters. AC connections should be provided with wires in the size range of 4-6 sq.mm. Light and five ampere 3 pin sockets need wire sized 1.5 sq.mm whereas 2.5 sq.mm is sufficient for electrical sockets. Split ACs need wires sized 6 sq.mm. Wire insulation colour should also be noticed. Three phased insulation is indicated through blue, yellow and red colours. Neutral and earth wire are black and green coloured respectively. You need to discuss wiring layouts in detail with your builder to have power connections provided at all strategic locations.

Be careful with concealed wiring
Concealed wiring is now common. However, you need to cross-check with the builder that proper access points have been provided so that you can get any snag rectified without having to dig out the entire wire mechanism.

Check out the properties of modular switches

The switches must have stated insulation resistance in excess of 2000 M.Ohms to be shock proof. The grid honeycombed plate should be robust enough to endure pressure. The glossy front plate of switch needs to be of flush type. The design of the switch should be conducive to easy cleaning, removing and re-fitting.

Exercise your discretion and you won’t have to regret later.