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Last updated on March 18th, 2019 at 10:32 am

The ancient Indian architectural science of ‘Vaastu Shastra’ offers valuable structural tips to transform the brick and mortar home into a divine abode. Vaastu claims that the alignment of structural elements of home has a bearing on the happiness and success quotients of the persons who reside in the home. This claim has been proven over the ages and as such any home construction should be undertaken as per the principles of this age old science.

To embark on this, you need to consult a reputed Vaastu Shashtri (expert) who would offer insights regarding the directional aspects of the home after inspecting the site.

Vaastu recommends construction of the main entrance facing northern, north eastern, eastern or western direction. The door should never be built facing southern, south western, south eastern or north western direction. Metal pyramid or helix made of lead can be put near door facing southern or south western direction for counterbalancing the negative energies. Brass helix or pyramid and copper helix or pyramid need to be used for remedying doors facing north western or south eastern directions.

According to Vaastu, the entrance of the home should essentially carry a glowing light which must not be of red hue. During the evening, proper lighting arrangement should be made along the main entrance. A mirror should never be placed just opposite to the main entrance. Green plants should deck the main door if space allows for it. There should not be any obstacles to the opening of main door at ninety degrees. Door hinges should be kept well-oiled and all accessories suitably polished. The entrance door or frame should not feature any deformed or damaged wood piece or missing screw. Nails should not be driven in door in excess of what is absolutely needed. Above or along the door, your name plate should be put in conspicuous manner. If the door opens in northern or western direction, name should be etched in metallic plate. A wooden plate is recommended if the door faces eastern or southern direction.

Wooden or marble threshold must adorn the main entrance as this serves to dilute negative energy and permits only positive vibes to go across. The main entrance should be adorned with swastika or other auspicious godly objects. Rangoli should be put on the floor for inviting good fortune. Distractions like dustbins or broken furniture should never be placed in proximity of main entrance.

There are numerous other Vaastu recommendations which you must be circumspect of to bring in good fortunes.