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Solar Energy

Last updated on March 16th, 2019 at 11:10 am

Energy costs are going through the roof. To shield yourself from exorbitant power cost and avail of continued electrical supply at optimal prices, you must keep provisions for harnessing solar energy.

Many PV (photovoltaic) system companies offer comprehensive solutions that can be customized to your home needs. The integration of PV cells on the solar panel with electric energy conversion mechanism comprising of transformers, inverters, switchgears etc. are supplied by the company at affordable costs. The power generated through harnessing of sun’s energy can be distributed to all your power outlets across the home. You can choose on-grid or off-grid connection mode as per your convenience.

Off-grid solar systems allow you to gain independence from the monopoly of electricity supplying companies. You need not pay extortionate grid connectivity charges as the panel itself serve as the primary source of power and functions as the grid. Solar energy and battery reserve are transformed into AC power to facilitate load bearing for all kinds of appliances. You can avail of powerful load taking processes which render starting pumps and running automated sewage systems, for example, a breeze. You can also connect the PV panel with diesel generator which will lead to quick starting of genset unit, reduction in diesel consumption costs, and extended usage. With the help of battery bank, DC power can be stored in cache system for catering to various devices that are to be used overnight.

By judiciously using solar power, you can steer clear of the compulsion of having to pay extra electricity charges during peak usage duration. Further, you won’t have to suffer from power outage issues. Back-up power is available at your disposal round the clock and grid failures won’t affect your productivity adversely. Water heating, which contributes to the bulk of your energy bills, can be carried out with the aid of solar heater. The heater can also be aligned with other systems like gas stoves etc.

You can avail of attractive discounts from local municipality for setting up solar panel in your home. Further, significant rebate in property tax is given to those home owners who have taken initiative for harnessing the potential of renewable sources of energy. Your ward member can be approached to know more about the incentives that you can enjoy for installing solar panel on your rooftop. Solar energy is available in profuse amount in nature and you must utilize this renewable form of energy.