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Last updated on March 18th, 2019 at 10:45 am

Painting your home in attractive hues and velvety textures add to its glamour quotient. You need to choose the paint brand wisely to ensure that you don’t go overboard with budget and are not required to retouch the surfaces within short duration.

Choosing the right paint for your home
Latex painted walls are easy to clean when stained with the paint remaining intact for protracted duration. The sheen does not fade away with time. Latex molecules have anti-sealant properties which promote better air circulation, faster drying and prevent eyesore patches to be formed.

Decide the glossiness of paint carefully
You can easily clean surfaces with glossy painting. In kitchen where the prospect of grease clinging on to the wall surface is high, simple mopping with wet sponge would restore the sheen. However, any wall blemish would easily cross the sight of onlooker due to sparkling cleanliness offered by glossier paint.

Semi-gloss paints also offer very good wash ability feature and tend to reflect light less. Kitchens, washrooms, storage and other areas that are usually concealed to visitors’ glances can be painted with them as they are comparatively cheaper. Satin sheen offers soft, fluffy texture to the walls.

Go for a paint that is good in hiding imperfections

Matte paints are perfect for emblazoning those walls of the home which you expect to be scarred frequently. A single coating of matte would serve your purpose. However, the painted surface can be vulnerable to dirty imprints made by fingers or so. You can surmount this with eggshell sheen which can be easily washed.

Plan the wall colours judiciously

You have at your disposal variegated colour palette with differing shades. Choose the colour tones that complement your mood, aesthetic quotient of rooms, and atmospheric lighting perfectly. You can enhance the visual appeal of the rooms with subtle shades. A single colour shade would make way for soothing appearance. Colours like blue, purple etc. when used in conjunction with each other would make smaller rooms appear spacious. Vibrancy of the rooms can be promoted with colours like orange, yellow or red. Muted shades like peach scales down the intense feel.

Elegance of the rooms can be enhanced with neutral shades like almond and brown. Colour splashes in neutral would counterbalance the intensity of warm hues and help flexibly tweak the feel of the room.

It is desirable to go for branded paints like Nerolac, Asian Paints etc. to enjoy unmitigated sheen over prolonged period of time.