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Last updated on March 18th, 2019 at 10:54 am

Lighting in your home can directly impact your mood, happiness quotient, productivity, and health. You need to wisely decide on the lighting layout and types of lights to enhance the visual appeal of the home while ensuring optimum energy efficiency. Ambient light enhances visibility whereas atmospheric lighting renders your home a bold statement of your lifestyle choices. Aesthetical lighting depends largely on strategic location of fixtures and the focal points you choose to accentuate.

Assess your lighting needs
Your lighting requirements would largely depend on the size of each room, number of fixtures to focus on (like study table, computer corner etc.), number of members who prospectively would accommodate rooms, exposure to natural light, light absorbent or reflective paint on walls, obstructions in the path of ambience light, energy costs, wattage of lighting fixtures and other circumstantial factors. Share your needs with builders beforehand so that proper plug-in outlets can be provided.

Consider the safety factor
You need to make enough provision for ambient light in the exterior to enhance safety quotient of your home. Main entry, walkways and home’s circumference should be lit with sufficient light. This would also help in keeping venomous reptiles in check. Too much glare would be distractive and attract unwanted attention to your home. Too dim lighting would aid thieves. You can consider installing floodlights with motion sensors at strategic locations for deterring intruders.

Enhance home décor with sconces
Strategically embellished sconces can direct light on spots you wish to give accent to. The splash of light would divert attention to painting, architectural work, sculpture, trappings or niches that you want to focus on.

Make provision for multiple lights for each space
You need to carry out different chores at different points of time during the day. Further, same intensity of light is not needed for each function. During daytime, high wattage light in bedroom is a necessity but before sacking out, dim glow of sleep inducing light is required. Similarly, in kitchen, you may have additional counter lights to focus on the work you are carrying out. This also helps in saving energy.

Consider recessed lights
These lights have fixtures installed within the ceiling and are connected in series. With single switch taps, you can alternate between illuminations of various intensities focused in various directions.

Go for room specific lighting
Kids’ room should have night light to prevent the munch-kin from getting scared in darkness. Chandeliers allowing for enough head room are best suited for living rooms and kitchens.

Choose wisely and you won’t have to regret later on.