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Last updated on March 18th, 2019 at 10:36 am

Kitchen floor needs to be durable as it would experience consistent traffic over it all day long. The floor material should be conducive to easy cleaning and must retain the sheen over prolonged periods. To facilitate storage of copious amounts of ingredients, shelves and cabinets need to be spacious.

Gas stoves or heaters need to be strategically positioned to ensure that the heat generated is channelized away from kitchen through proper vents and natural cooling mechanism is also present. This is needed to keep paints and tiling from being adversely impacted. In Kerala, the conventional oven is still in common use. The soot emanating from the flames would deposit on tiles rendering them black and greasy. This can be avoided by using dark textured wall and floor material in kitchen that can be readily washed. Black granite or cuddapah has rough surface that does not allow grime to settle down and hence prevents staining.

Electrical outlets need to be provided by factoring in the various appliances to be used and frequency of usage. Mixer grinders, tasters, small heaters and other appliances that find common use should have dedicated slabs for them with the socket connection close at hand. Larger appliances should be plugged into sockets that are below the reach of housewives to prevent prospects of electrocution.

Modular kitchens are trending presently as assembling can be done on spot as per the needs of the user. They come in-built with stacking and cleaning arrangements that allow for optimum usage of space and facilitate easy cleaning of items. Strategic alignment of parts allow for more storage space even in smaller homes. Individual units like cup holders, pull-out cabinets etc. are custom designed and focus is on optimum use of all space, even corners, without posing impediment to safe movement.

Gas stove should not be placed under window as chances of unwittingly coming in contact with flame during window manipulation are high. Flame may get snuffed out by wind causing flammable gas leakage. Modular kitchen is optimized in U-shaped format. Get built slabs on either side of stove to keep piping hot preparations. Kitchen appliances should be kept flush with the wall for fewer obstructions to movement. Refrigerators and microwaves should be kept away from cooking place.