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Last updated on February 23rd, 2019 at 06:07 am

Flooring options have multiplied in recent times. You can offer optimum pleasure to your feet by choosing floor material that meets your budget, lifestyle preferences and maintenance considerations. The floor colour and type need to complement the interiors and must offer contrast to enhance the visual appeal of the furniture and walls.

Concrete floors
The floor is sturdy, fireproof and demands zero maintenance. Abrasion proof and shuffle resistant, you can get the concrete substrate finished with material of your choice. With polishing, etching, staining, and carving; you can have the cost efficient concrete floor tweaked to your needs.

Cork floors
Cork floors are naturally conditioned which means that you would feel soothing warmth under your feet during winters and comforting coolness in summers. The soft elasticity offers cork stellar acoustic, noise-absorbent qualities. Floor commissioning cost may be little high but finished cork surface lasts a lifetime.

Tile Floors
The milky white tiles that offer a sense of spatial continuity are no longer exclusive to elite homes. With plummeting prices and availability in prefinished, coloured and modular shapes; you can consider this option to add oodles of glamour to your home décor.

Vinyl Floors
Vinyl sheets allow you to replicate any style that captures your attention. You can have the colour and texture of wood, slate, leather, rock, flowers etc. finished on the vinyl. The floor is easy to clean, offers a soft feel underfoot and provides enough traction to prevent slips. Large sheets are available which eliminates need for frequent joints.

Engineered timber floors
Although relatively expensive and maintenance intensive, timber floors can offer Kerala homeowners a sense of proximity to nature. The 8-21mm wood planks lock into each other and can be arranged easily over special substrate. Water resistance is accomplished through special urethane coating and additional sealing. You can have the planks finished in stained or lime washed format. All along the surface, the texture, hue and grain would be varying.

Carpet flooring
Carpeting can prove to cost-effective way of flooring as carpet installation can be done right over sub-floor without further preparation. Heavy duty carpets last typically for seven years whereas extra heavy duty continues to render services for almost twelve years. Yarn weaving should be carefully chosen as cheaper alternatives can become slack with use and would convey a very unpleasant view. Good quality yarn prevents onset of wear and tear for protracted period even though it is exposed to shuffling.

Always consult with your builder beforehand to avail of stellar flooring in your dream home.