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Construction Tip

Last updated on February 21st, 2019 at 10:11 am

Construction of your dream home is once in a lifetime investment. You need to cautiously initiate strategic steps only after diligently considering the pros and cons. Your decision would impact the way in which your house shapes up and also have a bearing on how much you have to periodically spend on its upkeep and repairs. Longevity, reliability, durability, and cost-effectiveness of home rely largely on the decisions taken during construction phase.

You need to hire a civil engineer prior to starting the work on the foundation. He will inspect the concrete foundation and certify its integrity. House with basement should infallibly have its foundation strength endorsed by an engineer.

Steel structure should be specially treated to render them fire retardant and strong even in high temperatures. Further, this treatment would make them less vulnerable to humidity induced corrosion.

While getting the staircase constructed for your house, keep in mind few important things. The tread surface should be manufactured out of material that offers traction to feet. The riser height should be adequate as more height would induce exhaustion and less height may lead to tripping. Balusters, banisters, newel posts and other structural members should be constructed out of material that offers stability and are durable in the long run.
Your decision to opt for an air conditioning ventilation unit should be based on its energy efficiency rating apparent from the stars marks printed on the body. For newer homes, it is advisable to go for ducted system as the entire house would be covered and energy bills would also be curtailed.

Always make it a point to incorporate installation of solar photovoltaic panel on your rooftop or other strategic location exposed to profuse amount of sunlight within your home’s periphery. The DC power generated can be kept stored in power banks and used as per your convenience along the entire day. Your energy bills would also drastically reduce.

Always ensure that handling and installation of cladding takes place as per the guidelines of the manufacturer. Segregate damaged panels beforehand so that you won’t have to spend significantly on re-work. Flashings should be fixed properly with needful waterproofing. If you are opting for flat panels, ensure that the panel joints are evenly placed in regular manner.

Always make your priority list and hand it over to the builder so that he can carry out feasibility analysis. Keep your property boundary in perspective while undertaking any construction.