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Compound Wall

Last updated on March 18th, 2019 at 11:08 am

Compound or periphery wall is an important demarcating aspect of your property. It marks off the boundary of your area and also has aesthetic value attached to it.

Vaastu recommends that construction of compound wall should never be left off midway. The wall should be erected prior to building of house commences as this safeguards the property from intruders.

The gate that would be installed in the wall should be facing any of the following directions; north eastern, south eastern, north western, or eastern, southern, western, or northern only if confirmed by vaastu experts. If you have installed the gate facing eastern direction, it has to be counterbalanced with another gate that would be constructed on the elevation of North eastern side. The height of the compound wall should be lesser than the main door’s height for those houses which are eastern or northern oriented. The height of the wall in relation to the main entrance does not matter for those houses which have entrances in the southern or western directions.

If due to any calamity or deliberate destruction, collapse of a portion of the compound wall happens, the same should be restored immediately. This is particularly applicable for those houses whose entrances face either the western, southern southwest, northwest or south eastern directions. The angles or pillars of the wall should never be perpendicular to the door centre. To improve the aesthetic appeal of the house, you may be suggested by the builder to curb the height of the compound wall on the northern or eastern directions in relation to the north eastern portion. This is not advisable. The height of the compound wall on the southern and western sides should be more than the eastern and northern sides. Construction of the compound wall should be done with rocks or mud brick. If prospects of rocks or brick construction are bleak, then only one should proceed for cement bricks which have hollowness at their centres.

The top of the compound wall should be overlaid with broken pieces of glasses or shards of other sharp objects in close patterns to prevent any attempts of intrusion. Alternately, you can consider having paling done along the top of the wall. You need to convey your expectations to the mason to whom the construction work would be entrusted. The budget should be worked out well in advance after diligently taking into consideration all incidental costs.