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Last updated on February 21st, 2019 at 10:02 am

Carpet is still considered one of the most cost competitive means of flooring. Usually, the rate is decided on per square meter mode. The advantage of carpet is that it can be installed right on the underlay and substrate. Unlike other flooring type, you need not invest extensively on preparing the substrate layer.

Carpet can prove to be immensely advantageous to you as flooring material since you would get exactly what you are paying for. Graded heavy duty domestic carpets remain usable for a period of five to seven years whereas extra heavy duty type lasts ten to twelve years. The price of carpet is directly linked with its weight as the quantum of yarn that has gone into weaving of the product determines the cost. Heavier carpets have more yarn in them and as such would be expensive and durable. Never go for a cheaper variant just to save a few bucks as the same would succumb to wear and tear within initial years and you would have to reinvest again.

You would commonly come across cut pile type carpet. Herein the carpet fibre’s top is trimmed in a manner that a feel of softness and luxury s experienced. Once the cut pile settles down and fibre blooms, a sense of extreme softness prevails. Further, joints within the overall carpet flooring would also be concealed over time.

Another option available with you is textured loop pile type. Herein the loop created by fibre is not trimmed. The strength of the yarn amplifies. The appearance of the carpet would be retained in its pristine glory over time. Your decision to go for a particular type should depend on the availability of the product in Kerala’s local market, level of expertise of artisans who would set the flooring, and warranty issues.

In Kerala, the trend has been towards wool carpets. However, with the emergence of newer carpet options and mechanised weaving patterns, the preferences of people are undergoing dramatic change. Synthetic carpets are gaining in popularity. You have to keep your eyes open and go by the advice of experts so as to experience downy feel under your feet. If you have pets in your home, you need to concentrate on the strength of yarn weaving as the pets’ exhibit a tendency of scratching the carpet fibres. The colour, sheen and underlying fabric won’t be an issue if you would opt for branded carpets.