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Last updated on February 25th, 2019 at 10:54 am

Fish aquarium placed at strategic location within your home can serve to accentuate that corner by enhancing its aesthetic quotient. Colourful exotic fishes swimming mirthfully in the water decked up with faux rocks, designs and other elements convey a sense of optimism and the vision has a soothing effect on agitated mind.

Medical research has proven that the tranquil looks of the aquarium have healing impact for ailments like high blood pressure by reducing stress and anxiety burdening the mind. The effects are more pronounce on children.

Vaastu Shastra also states that proper positioning of aquarium in reference to the overall dimensional layout of the room can usher in success and good fortunes. Non-strategic positioning however can ruin happiness and promote malice among family members. The fish population should be kept well-nourished as natural death of any fish would bring the curtains down on one of the problems troubling you. The positive energy generation potential of aquarium is high and this drives away negativities from your home. Fishes in good health draw affluence, peace of mind and good fortune for the home owner. Feeding hungry fishes increases the good karmic score of the householder.

Hindu scriptures state that Lord Vishnu had reincarnated in the form of fish and as such fishes are divinely empowered to extirpate negative vibes and transmit positive energies. If you are being hassled by a particular problem in your personal or professional life, it may be due to defect in Vaastu and the same can be set right by positioning an aquarium strategically within your home. When guests pay visit to your home, they may be bitten by spite seeing your affluence level. This causes them to emit negative energies unwillingly. However, the mesmerizing fishes playing about in the aquarium would attract the attention of such guests and dilute the negativity in their glances with positive energy.

The aquarium should be populated with healthy and decorative fishes only. Always maintain the population at nine. Stress on housing gold and dragon fishes. Eight fishes must be of the same genus and one should be contrasting these eight. Immediately get the dead fish replaced with a new one. Keep the aquarium properly aerated and hygienic with the aid of water filters, pumps, and circulation mechanisms. One person should be designated to feed the fishes and no deviation to this must occur. The aquarium should only be placed in the drawing or living room and nowhere else.