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Last updated on February 21st, 2019 at 09:57 am

Kerala’s climate mandates installation of air conditioning in heat pump (standalone) mode so that the ambient temperature within your home remains equable.

The heat pump is a feasible option as it moderates the temperature within the home and renders it hot during winters and cold during summer. Integration with heat pump serves to dry up excess humidity within rooms and make the climate in-house bearable and pleasant.

The efficiency of A/c ventilation would depend on the type and size of heat pump that you would choose. You have an array of options at your disposal. You may go for single unit for each room or a multi-unit to cater to your entire home. Further, you can choose from wall mounted, floored, ceiling mounted or ducted units. Since you are constructing a new house, it would be advisable to a ducted system that runs through the entire home. The heat pump would be installed in the cavities carved out in the roof.

The room size also matters as controlling the temperature in a large room calls for higher version of the A/c model with more power. Never be influenced by the price of the product as larger unit would execute its task efficiently while conditioning the climate of larger area. In the long run, your energy bills would decline significantly and you won’t have to invest in upkeep or other maintenance costs periodically. Always base your decision on the energy efficiency rating which is available on the unit in the form of star marks. More the stars, the higher is the efficiency of the unit.

Going for a branded product has numerous advantages. The heat loss from within your house is significantly reduced. The heat that has already been generated in earlier cycles is recovered so that less energy is needed and power costs go down. The air conditioning ventilation unit can be made to work in conjunction with heat pump. Even if windows or doors have been left open inadvertently, ventilation efficiency would not be compromised. In summer, you can harness the unit for ventilation wherein the heat exchange mechanism is bypassed and indoor air is interchanged with exterior air. While winter is in progression, the moisture within the home would be reduced to avail of the natural heating effect of relatively low humidity. You can consult with your builder to learn of the ventilation system mulled by you meets the specifications of building code clause of your area.