1. Detailed Dimensions
Micro-dimensions of drawings prepared for execution at site.

2. Joinery Details
Schedule and Dimensions of Doors, Windows, Ventilators and other Joinery.

3. Staircase Details
Details of Staircase showing Tread, Rise, Width and Balustrade dimensions.

4. Toilet Details
Toilet Layout with Sections and Details of dadoing, drainage pattern and fixtures.

5. Kitchen Details
Drawings of Kitchen Cabinets, Sections, and Determining the Work Triangle between Sink, Oven and Refrigerator.

6. Electrical Layout
Electrical Drawing with Schedule, Quantity and Position of Fixtures and Switches.

7. Plumbing & Sanitation Layout
Schedule, Quantity and Position of Plumbing and Sanitary Systems- Details of Septic Tank, Leach Pit, Soak Pit, Rainwater Harvesting Tank, Sump etc.

Consultancy Fee for the above services - 1.5% of the Estimated Cost of Construction

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Federal Bank, Irinjalakuda Branch, Kerala, India.
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