Advantages and Disadvantages of Facing East

  • 1. Wealth and progeny are assured for the houses having more open space in the east.
  • 2. If there is room or verandah in the eastern portion of the house, prosperity and good health are assured.
  • 3. If there is a main gate in east and there is open space in north, it is good sign.
  • 4. Main door in east ensures good results.
  • 5. The east main gate having no open space in the north direction will not have any bad effects provided the house is built as per Vastu Sastra.
  • 6. The height of the east wall of the house being less than the west wall results in good outcome.
  • 7. The floor lowered towards east than the central room is good.
  • 8. Slopped east verandah provides health and fame.
  • 9. RCC house having no verandah can have a small balcony in east-north to have the same effect of east verandah.
  • 10. If the water used in the house flows towards east, it ensures good health.
  • 11. Well or water tank in east is good.
  • 12. The east elevated land is bad. The inmates will be poor and unhealthy.
  • 13. If the house is built close to east boundary, there is chance of having dearth of male child or else the male child may be handicapped.
  • 14. If the floor in the eastern portion is elevated than the centre room, poverty and bankruptcy may be the result.
  • 15. If the house is built close to the east boundary and with more space in west, the inmates will be prone to diseases and untimely deaths.
  • 16. Heap of soil, stone or garbage in east paves the way for loss of property.
  • 17. If the east verandah is slopped towards west, it is indicative of eye diseases, paralysis etc.
  • 18. If a portion of the house is rented out, the owner should live in the elevated portion. Lest, financial loss may result.
  • 19. The compound wall should be lower to the door level. Otherwise, there will be more troubles to the inmates.
  • 20. East boundary wall should be lower than the west boundary wall. This will ward off complications in the life.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Facing West

  • 1. Advantages or disadvantages are affected to the male children of the house-owner.
  • 2. The compound wall can be either higher or lower than the main door as it is of no consequence.
  • 3. Buying a plot on the western side of the house is inviting of unforeseen troubles in the life. If at all buying, buy it in somebody else’s name, demolish or sell the old house. Then transfer the ownership of the land to own name and construct a house and stay.
  • 4. If the rain water flow is not from west to east, regulate the water to flow towards north-east (Ishanya). The flow to any other direction is not good.
  • 5. Erect an iron grill to the verandah if verandah is only on the west. Or, as an alternative make a verandah in the east with slopes towards east. If this is not done, bad effects may be the result.
  • 6. Main gate being in the west and verandah in the front portion, it is necessary to erect in iron grill or wall of at-least 3 ft high in north-south direction of the verandah. This is to ward off ill-effects.
  • 7. If there is a portico on west side, it should be without pillars and lower level to house-floor. If pillars are unavoidable, then the floor of the portico should be raised to the level of centre room. If this rule is not followed, ill-effects are certain.
  • 8. Build the house near to the boundary for good results.
  • 9. If others’ land or sewage is there on west side, it is necessary to build a compound wall to avoid bad effects.
  • 10. Heap of stone, earth or garbage on west is side is a good omen.
  • 11. Main and other doors facing west give good results.
  • 12. Floor elevated towards west is good.
  • 13. Wall higher than the front door is good.
  • 14. The low-land towards west is bad as it will result financial loss.
  • 15. Make the floor of the central room (Garbhagriha) elevated compared to other rooms which will result in financial gain and fame.
  • 16. If the west wall of the central room is higher, it ensures all round progress.
  • 17. Big trees in west ensure prosperity and peace of mind.
  • 18. The courtyard and the verandah being low are indicative of loss of property.
  • 19. The west main door facing south-west(Naishritya) is indicative of diseases, untimely deaths and economic loss.
  • 20. The west main door facing north-west (Vayavya) will result in prolonged litigations.
  • 21. The floor of platform on west being lower than central room (Garbhgriha) is indicative of ill-health and loss of money.
  • 22. If the rain water flows towards west from the land, the inmates are likely disease-ridden.

Advantages and Disadvantages of North Facing

  • 1. The good or bad outcome affects ladies and wealth.
  • 2. The level of the floor on all parts should be lower to have good results.
  • 3. The verandah on north side with low level than northern room floor is highly good.
  • 4. The house with no open place at east is not good as a whole. But, north-east on eastern side is auspicious. And if the north-east (Ishanya) is short, the room of the west is considered auspicious.
  • 5. If the main door is not visible over the compound wall from outside, it is considered bad. Build the compound wall with height lower than the door level to offset the bad effects.
  • 6. In the event the owner desires to rent out a portion of the house he should retain the higher portion to avoid Vastu problems.
  • 7. If there is a verandah in south side, it should be higher than the slopping verandah in the north side. This helps avoid bad-effects. In case the construction is RCC with no verandah make a balcony of minimum 2 feet in east north.
  • 8. In case the land level, rooms’ floor level and northern part of the verandah are lower the possibility of having increased wealth is much.
  • 9. The house with more open space in north is ideal to have prosperity and happiness.
  • 10. If the rain water passing along north side flows through north-east (Ishanya), it is auspicious.
  • 11. The rain water flowing through the front door becoming north-facing is indication of having brilliant students in the house.
  • 12. If the front portion is lower than the central room level, it results progress and fame.
  • 13. If the north side of the house is protruding high, the result is bad.
  • 14. The north side land being on higher level also brings bad results.
  • 15. The lack of open space in north and adequacy of open space in south are indicative of property loss.
  • 16. If there is heap of stone, garbage and the like objects in the north, it is indicative of property loss.
  • 17. If the front door is facing north-west (Vayavya), fire accidents or theft events will be recurring.
  • 18. In case the central room (Garbhagriha) is at lower level than other rooms and verandah, quarrel, lack of peace, unwanted expenditure and debt are inevitable.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Facing South

  • 1. The outcome affects ladies most.
  • 2. If there is a verandah in south side, it should have an iron grill guard or else construct a verandah in north side. This will ward off bad effects.
  • 3. The boundary wall in the south should be at lower level than the front door level. This will have good results.
  • 4. If the south portion of the house is at high level, it accrues good results.
  • 5. If the south portion of land is at high level, it is indicative of good results.
  • 6. The unwanted things heaped at south are good omens.
  • 7. The front main door facing exactly south is good omen.
  • 8. Construct the house near the boundary, if it is touching a road, to have good results.
  • 9. If there is no road at south boundary, construct a wall first and then start the construction of the house to have good results.
  • 10. Ensure the room or rooms on south side are at high level than other rooms and verandah to have beneficial effects.
  • 11. The rain water flowing towards north from south is good omen.
  • 12. If the water flow is impossible towards north, then manage the flow towards east to have good results.
  • 13. If there is more open space in the south, it is harmful.
  • 14. The southern side being at low level compared to other sides is indicative of bad omen.
  • 15. A well or pond in south side is indicative of loss of money and accidental death.
  • 16. Making the south wall of the house high than north wall gives good results.
  • 17. Make the south boundary wall high than west boundary wall to have good effects.
  • 18. If the main front door is facing south-east (Agneya), the possibility of litigation, fire, theft etc cannot be ruled out.
  • 19. If the main front door is facing south-west, the possibility for diseases, untimely death etc exists.
  • 20. If the south verandah is slopped towards south, it will result in harmful effects.
  • 21. Portico built with pillars invites troubles and financial loss to the inmates.

Advantages and Disadvantages of North-East Facing

Ayurveda Solutions

  • 1. Have the main door at North-east (Ishanya) to have good results.
  • 2. If north-east corner is right and more land is vacant in the east than the west, in the north than the south and the land lies lower in the east than west and lower in the north than the south, the inmates lead a happy life.
  • 3. Well or pond near north-east is a good omen for prosperity.
  • 4. The path-obstruction (Margprahar) in east is considered good for getting famous.
  • 5. The Margprahar in Ishanya (north-east) creates wealth.
  • 6. North-east direction extended towards north is indicative of richness but the householder will be greedy in nature. The stretched north-east is sign of future generations becoming fortunate.
  • 7. If the north-east is protruded towards east, it is indicative of inmates being religious and God fearing and rich.
  • 8. If north-east portion is lower having well or ditch, enough money will come to the possession of inmates.
  • 9. The vacant part in the lobby of the house or lower north-east verandah is indicative of prosperity and fame.
  • 10. Slope towards east of north-east is indicative of good omen for males.
  • 11. Slope towards north ensures good outcome to the females.
  • 12. Rain water or water from house flowing out through north-east is good.
  • 13. The north-east protruding in any way is good.
  • 14. The housewife becomes disease-prone if the construction is up-to the north end after shortening the length of northern direction of north-east.
  • 15. The householder and his elder son become disease-ridden if the construction is up-to the eastern boundary after shortening the eastern direction of north-east.
  • 16. Miserable life results if east and north directions are joined, in spite of having wealth. Moreover, the house-owner is destined to have no children.
  • 17. Under no circumstance cover or dismantle the north-east portion of the house as the consequences will be disastrous.
  • 18. The house being at the end of the plot and there is a ditch in the south-west, it spells disastrous.
  • 19. If the floor is high in north-east than the central room, the room in north-east or outside presents evil effects.
  • 20. The elevated rooms in east and north affect badly male and female respectively.
  • 21. In case the northern door is higher than southern door and eastern door is higher than western door, evil effects will persist.
  • 22. If the gate established in east-north direction is in more height than the door level, it is bad.
  • 23. The wall of Ishanya house or boundary with less height than the other areas spells doom for the owner in having a male child born. If at all born, it may be handicapped or mentally retarded.
  • 24. The well or pond in any direction other than north-east direction is bad.
  • 25. Mistakes committed in north-east will have direct bearing on the children in the house.
  • 26. If north-east is high, financial loss is inevitable.
  • 27. If there are huts in north-east direction, poverty will persist.
  • 28. The house located close to east and north boundary is poverty ridden.
  • 29. If the kitchen is in north-east, there will be financial loss and quarrel in the family.
  • 30. If garbage or heap of stones or other objects are there in north-east, it is bad omen for progress.
  • 31. Toilet in north-east is indicative of eruption of bad characters and chronic diseases.

Advantages and Disadvantages of South-East Facing

  • 1. The outcome of good or bad concerns females and children. Particularly, the second son.
  • 2. The possession of Vastu effect is comparatively less to south-east (Agneya) placed land or house. It is very weak in giving good results.
  • 3. Planting of neem trees, coconut trees and big trees from south to south Agneya (south-east) to south-west (Naishritya) gives good results.
  • 4. Water used in the house is not good to flow through south-east direction.
  • 5. Reduce the south-east side of the house during construction to minimize bad effects.
  • 6. Ensure that the space in south direction is less than in north direction. This will reduce the bad impact.
  • 7. Create less space in west than in the east which will minimize the bad effect.
  • 8. Erect the doors elevated. This will reduce the harmful effects.
  • 9. To reduce the bad impact, create path obstruction (Margprahar) in south south-east.
  • 10. Path obstruction in east north-east (Ishanya) will reduce the bad impact.
  • 11. To reduce the bad impact, restrict the stretch of corners in south-east (Agneya), south-west (Naishritya) and north-wrest (Vayavya).
  • 12. If the north direction is at low level and south direction is at high level, it is good.
  • 13. South-east direction lower land is good.
  • 14. Kitchen in south-east direction is good for prosperity.
  • 15. Toilet in south-east is considered good provided there is a pit in the toilet. Such a pit of latrine may be in the east.
  • 16. The east south-east protruding house is unfit for inhabitation.
  • 17. East-south or south south-east angle protruding house is unfit.
  • 18. If there is a well or pond in lower south-east, it is considered bad.
  • 19. The gate in south south-east or in north south-east is inauspicious.
  • 20. If the vacant space is more in west than in east, the owner is ought to suffer pain and financial loss.
  • 21. The main door facing south with east-north as border is highly inauspicious.
  • 22. If vacant place is more in west and the west is at low than east, the house owner is likely to have incurable diseases.
  • 23. If there is well or pond in the west, the house owner will contact incurable diseases.
  • 24. If the main door is in east and there is more vacant place in the south and the north is bordering the boundary and there is well in south-east, it is more likely the wife of the owner dies in an accident or suddenly.
  • 25. If the main door is in east and there is more vacant place in the west-south and north-east is close to boundary, it is certain that enmity will persist amongst the wife and husband.
  • 26. The east erected gate and the north being close to the border and more vacant place in south and protruding in south-west are indicative of accidents to greet the ladies in the family.
  • 27. In case the road in the east of south-east plot ends near the house the owner of the house is likely to be dependent.
  • 28. If the main door is in east, gate in one side of south-east in east of boundary wall, the north-east of the house is cut off, there is well in north-west, there is slopped verandah westwards in west south-west, land is at low level in west gate in the south south-west to boundary wall, it is more certain the owner will be met with an ignominious end, say suicide.
  • 29. The absence of door in south-east part in the east of house is likely to have recurring theft, fire and quarrel.
  • 30. If the east of south-east portion is protruding, the loss of male children is likely.
  • 31. If south-east protruding as an angle, it is signaling quarrel, litigation, and diseases.
  • 32. Protruding of south-east towards south direction is indicative of quarrel in the family and illness.
  • 33. The north-west and north elevated than south south-east is indication of having diseases and debt.
  • 34. If the land is elevated in Naishritya, Vayavya and Ishana than in south Agneya, the inmates are likely to be poor and unhealthy.
  • 35. In case the Agneya is elevated than Naishritya, Vayavya and Ishanya, it is certain the house owner will be defamed.
  • 36. If there is well or pond in Agneya, housewife and children will be unhealthy and recurring quarrel takes place.
  • 37. If Agneya place is at low in vacant space in the lobby of house, in every room and verandah, the inhabitants will be haunted by fear on various counts.

Advantages and Disadvantages of South-West Facing

  • 1. South-west (Naishritya) is generally known as misfortune, demanding utmost caution in house building.
  • 2. Well or pond in Naishritya is bad omen.
  • 3. If Naishritya is in concurrence with Ishanya north-east and there is no Vastu faults, the house is fit for stay.
  • 4. The land of Naishritya joining with other lands is not good.
  • 5. Elevate the Naishritya part of land, house and boundary wall to ward off evil effects.
  • 6. If there is road in Naishritya direction close to the land, it is fit to build a house close to the border.
  • 7. Ensure the bedroom of the owner is in Naishritya. This will prove auspicious.
  • 8. The kitchen has to be in Agneya direction.
  • 9. The verandah in Naishritya should be even leveled.
  • 10. Erect no window in Naishritya direction. If at all a window is necessary in Naishritya direction, erect a window in Ishanya direction also which will offset the harmful effects.
  • 11. If the land is elevated in south, west or south-west (Naishritya), creation of wealth is ought to be there.
  • 12. Big trees or high lands in Naishritya are good omens.
  • 13. Heap of stones, garbage or any objects in Naishritya is good omen.
  • 14. If Naishritya portion is covered, the result is happiness in the family.
  • 15. If there is Margprahar (path obstruction) in south Naishritya, ladies in the family will be disease-prone.
  • 16. Well or pond in Naishritya direction indicates the chronic diseases, untimely death or suicide.
  • 17. Stretching towards west, south or Naishritya corner is harmful.
  • 18. The verandah in front sloping towards south is indicative of bad effects to the females.
  • 19. The verandah in front sloping towards west is indicative of bad effects to the males.
  • 20. The gate in west or south will create enmity and debt.
  • 21. More open space in west-south than east-north and more open space in south too are indications of ill-health or early-age death to females.
  • 22. More open space in west is indication of ill-health to males and chances of losing the house itself.
  • 23. Naishritya room is fit for using as bed room or store room.
  • 24. Naishritya room level lower to Naishritya in verandah and other rooms is indicative of loss of property or chronic diseases.
  • 25. The passing of rain water through south affects ladies badly, while passing through west affects males badly.
  • 26. If Naishritya is in extended form, litigation and enmity are signaled.

Advantages and Disadvantages of North-West Facing

Ayurveda Solutions

  • 1. The outcome of North-West (Vayavya) facing is either good or bad.
  • 2. The effects of Vayavya influence the housewife and the third son more.
  • 3. The good or bad effects will persist.
  • 4. To have good results the level of Vayavya should be above Ishan and below Naishritya.
  • 5. If there is well or pond in Vayavya direction, it is good.
  • 6. Toilet in Vayavya direction and latrine without pit can be in northern direction.
  • 7. Flow of water, either rained or used, should not be allowed to pass through north Vayavya.
  • 8. Trees like mango and coconut in western Vayavya give good results.
  • 9. The Margprahar (path obstruction) in west Vayavya is considered good for getting fame to the inmates.
  • 10. The west Vayavya elevated land is considered good.
  • 11. The Margprahar in north Vayavya is attributed to unhealthy conditions for females.
  • 12. The extended north Vayavya indicates litigation, theft, fire etc.
  • 13. The lower leveled Vayavya corner that the Ishanya corner is considered inauspicious.
  • 14. If the front portion is elevated than the central room, the owner becomes in debt trap.
  • 15. The main door being in north with no vacant space in north, the house being close to other houses and more open space in south than north, then the inmates are likely to face various problems.
  • 16. If the main door is in west and has sloping west verandah both in ground and first floors, a male folk in the house is likely to be paralysis hit.
  • 17. Where the main door is in north, and Agneya and Vayavya are protruding and cut out in Ishan and Naishritya, enmity between father and son, wife and husband, mother and in-laws, father and in-laws are almost certain to happen.
  • 18. Where the main door is in north and eastern-north door is turned or crooked with eastern border, birth of handicapped child or children cannot be ruled out.
  • 19. In case the Vayavya corner has protruded or covered, the householder becomes confused on all fronts and may commit suicide.

Obstacles and Remedies

The obstacle for air and light at entrance door or compound gate is inauspicious from Vastu point of view. The more telling is the obstacle at entrance door than the entrance gate. The obstacle may be in the form of tree, electric pole, telephone pole etc. If the obstacle is at a distance of more than double the height of the building, it will not have any notable impact. More the obstacle close to the door, more the effect is experienced.

Various forms of obstacles (Vedh) are there. The obstacles due to noise are called Swarvedh. Swarvedh is happened due to the creaking sound when the door is opened or closed. Inauspicious happening will follow this sound.

The obstacles due to septic tank, underground storage tank, underground drainage canals and the like in front of the main door are known as Kupvedh, resulting loss of wealth.

Machines such as grinding mill, edge sharpener, oil expeller in front of the main door are known as Bramhavedh. This leads to frequent family quarrels.

Peg to tie animals in front of the main door is also bad omen called Kilvedh which halts economic progress.

Pole for any purpose installed in front of the main door is known as Stumbvedh, leading to difference of opinion in the family and halt economic progress.

Structure for any purpose in front of the main door leads to loss of wealth as it is an obstacle called Vastuvedh.

Main entrance being at the exact centre of the wall is also an obstacle halting economic progress.

The collection of water by way of leakage of tap or other means in front of the main entrance door is also a bad omen, affecting mostly children.

Economic progress is marred by heap of stones or other objects in front of the main door.

The height of the compound height being more than the height of the compound wall is also a Vedh capable of affecting the family head financially.

Common entrance to two or more houses is also considered as Vedh. This will lead to bickering amongst the members of family living in these houses.

The compound wall being higher than the wall of the house is also an obstacle capable to stop the financial progress.

Obstacle by Shadow (Chhayavedh)

The shadow of any object falling on the house is generally considered as inauspicious.

The shadow of a temple falling on the house is called Temple Chhayavedh. This is inauspicious only if the shadow falls between 10 am to 3 pm. The outcome will be loss in business and peace in the family.

The shadow of a flag, pillar or similar objects is known as Dhwaj Chahyavedh which is inauspicious capable to bring ill-health.

The shadow of tree falling on the house between 10 am to 3 pm is inauspicious. This is called Vriksha Chhayavedh. The result is hindrance to financial progress.

Bhawan Chhayakupvedh is yet another obstacle. The shadow of a building falling on the well or pond is Bhawan Chhayakupvedh which is capable to create ways to financial setback.

L Shaped Plots & Consequences

The houses or buildings on L shaped lands are considered inauspicious. The ill-effects of L shaped lands can be rectified, however. Sixteen types of L shaped lands are generally found.

  • 1.Plots with East-South-East Corner Chopped: The plot as it is inauspicious. The ill-effects can be minimized by construction of a fence or two feet high wall along to have the plot rectangular shape. The construction of fence or wall reduces the eastern portion of the plot. This will simply minimize the ill-effects. To have good results, build the house in the south-west part. Keep the area east of the wall open.
  • 2.Plots with East-South-East Corner Extended: Consequent upon the extension of east-south-east corner, east side of the plot becomes short resulting minimization of auspiciousness. As a result of this, involvement in litigation and ill-health takes place. To overcome the problem of inauspiciousness, construct a 2 feet high wall to make the extended east-south-east corner separate and build the house in the south-western portion of the plot.
  • 3.Plots with South-South-East Corner Cut Off: This type of plot is inauspicious for building a house. The bad effects attract accident, financial loss and health problems to ladies. Construct a 2 feet high wall to make the plot rectangular and then construct the house in south-west portion. This will result in good effects.
  • 4.Plots with South-South-East Corner Extended: This type of plot is not totally inauspicious. Only partial side effect is experienced in the form of break in education to children, marginal financial losses etc. This problem can be overcome by constructing a 2 ft high wall to separate the extended portion. Then undertake the construction of house at south-west portion of the plot.
  • 5.Plots with North-East Corner Chopped: To have a house in this type of plot is highly risky. Problems from all fronts including financial downward journey are almost certain. To minimize the risk factors, construct a 2 ft high wall to look north-east corner is not cut off and construct the house in the remaining major portion.
  • 6.Plots with North-East Corner Extended: This type of land is considered auspicious resulting in all round progress including happiness and higher education to children. No alteration is required to make in the plot.
  • 7.Plots with North-North-East Corner Cut Off: Such plots are inauspicious causing obscurity, ill-health, financial losses etc. To overcome such problems, build a 2 ft high wall in north and construct the house in the major portion.
  • 8.Plots with North-North-East Corner Extended: This type of plot is very good. It will create wealth, reputation and good health. Make no alteration in the plot.
  • 9.Plots with North-North-West Corner Chopped: This is an ill-luck plot. To nullify the bad effects, construct a cistern in the north-east part and build the house in the south-west portion. A compound gate in the north will have added advantages.
  • 10.Plots with North-North-West Corner Extended: This type is inauspicious. Inauspicious effects can be corrected by constructing a 2 ft high wall to have the extended corner separate. Then construct the house in the main remaining portion.
  • 11.Plots with West-North-West Corner Chopped: This type of plot provides both auspicious and inauspicious results. Auspicious result is availed for the reason that northern and western sides are increased. Inauspicious result is caused for the reason that west-south-west part is extended. To ward off the inauspiciousness, construct 2 feet high wall to the west so as to become the plot rectangular and construct the house.
  • 12.Plots with West-North-West Corner Extended: This type of plot gives mixed results. While progress is certain, possibility of mental tension and skin diseases cannot be ruled out. Bad results can be rectified by constructing 2 ft high wall to have the extended portion separated and house constructed in the south-west portion of the major plot.
  • 13.Plots with West-South-West Corner Chopped: The plot as it is not worth for building a house. To make the plot viable, construct 2 ft high wall to separate the extended west portion so as to make the remaining portion rectangular. This rectangular shaped portion is very auspicious to have a house.
  • 14.Plots with West-South-West Corner Extended: This type of plot is inauspicious from health point of view. To rectify the ill-effects, construct 2 ft high wall to have the extended corner separated and keep the separated portion open. Then construct the house in the remaining main portion.
  • 15.Plots with South-South-West Corner Chopped: This type of plot is good, but the extension of the south is considered bad. The bad effects may be in the form of accidents, litigation, mental illness to women etc. The bad effects can be nullified by constructing 2 feet high wall so as to make the main portion rectangular. Construct the house in the rectangular shaped main plot.
  • 16.Plots with South-South-West Corner Extended: This type of plot is highly inauspicious. Possibility of accidental deaths or amputation of body parts, loss of dear and near ones, prolonged litigation and failure in it are there. Certain corrective steps can minimize the harmful effects. Separate the extended south-south-west corner by a wall of 2 feet high and keep the separated corner portion unused by any construction. With the wall construction the main portion becomes rectangular where house can be constructed as in south-west part. To be more beneficial, ensure a cistern or boring is done in the north-east corner of the main plot.

L and C Shaped Constructions

Many of the public utility buildings are either L shaped or C shaped. It is worth keeping in mind certain points while constructing such buildings.

  • 1. Provide more open space at north and east sides.
  • 2. Carry out the construction in west or south portion of the plot.
  • 3. North-east corner is best for underground construction of swimming pool, water reservoir etc.
  • 4. East or north is recommended for construction of fountain, garden, playground and/or parking.
  • 5. Septic tanks, bathrooms, toilets etc fit for north-west part.
  • 6. For staircase, lift, overhead tank etc south or west is the suitable location.
  • 7. For passages, doors and windows north or east is right.

L Shape Buildings

  • 1. Construction towards west and south sides of the plot is considered good. This will make north and east sides fully open.
  • 2. Construction towards east and north is bad as west and south sides remain open. To rectify the bad effects, construct taller buildings than the existing buildings to the south and the west.
  • 3. Construction towards north and west results in bad effects. To offset the bad effects, construct taller building at the south side.
  • 4. Construction towards east and south is inauspicious. A taller building at the west side is a solution to rectify the bad effects.

C Shape Buildings

  • 1. Have the building constructed with more open space at north to have prosperity.
  • 2. Building with more open space in east gives good results.
  • 3. Building with more open space in west gives bad results.
  • 4. Building with open space only in south is inadvisable as it will create loss of money.

Buildings in Triangular Plots

  • 1. Triangular plots are considered good to an extent of 70%.
  • 2. Have the building constructed in square shaped portion by constructing compound walls with more open space in north and east. The left out portion outside the compound wall is useful for agriculture purposes.
  • 3. In the next triangular plot with north-east corner extended construct compound walls to the south and west. Use the portion outside the compound walls for agriculture purposes.
  • 4. In the triangular plot with west extended corner construct compound walls in all the directions and construct the building in south-west part of the rectangular plot. Use the portion outside the compound wall for agriculture purposes.
  • 5. In the triangular plot with extended west corner construct compound walls to the west and south and then make use.

Rectification of Improper Plots

In many places plots in different shapes such as pentagon, trapezium, parallelogram etc are found. The plots in these shapes are unfit for house or building construction. Unsuitability can be corrected by employing Vastu Sastra norms.

  • 1. Pentagon Shaped: Construct a 2 feet high wall to have the triangular part separated and then construct the building in the square portion. The separated triangular portion may be used as garden or for agriculture purpose.
  • 2. Trapezium Shaped: Make the plot square or rectangular shaped by constructing compound walls in the east and west and then undertake the construction. The separated portion may be used as garden.
  • 3. Parallelogram Shaped: Construct compound walls towards south directions and undertake the building construction inside the walls.

Trees and Their Effect

  • 1. The wall in south-east direction of the house should not be touched by creeper or branch of a tree as it is inauspicious. Such touching will have bad bearings on children.
  • 2. Touching by creeper or branch of tree in the south-east wall of the house may result in experiencing bad dreams for those sleeping in the room or rooms in the south-west direction. In case the touching is by a mango or papal tree branch, the outcome may be loss of wealth.
  • 3. Touching by creeper or branch of tree in north-west wall causes halt in economic growth and enmity. If the touching is by neem, subabhul or nilgiri regression among women is predicted.
  • 4. Touching by creeper or branch of tree in north-east wall causes decline in economic growth and obstacles in having children born. In case the touching is by guava, custard apple, almond, coconut or banana the fate of house owner is to suffer loss in business.
  • 5. If the touching is by creeper or branch of tree in the eastern wall, it affects social status of the family head. If the touching is by pipal, audumbar or banyan tree, it will additionally cause blockade in economic growth.
  • 6. If the touching is by creeper or branch of tree in the western wall, it causes mental agony to the family head. The touching by banyan, papal, shewga or mango tree causes loss of wealth.
  • 7. Touching in the northern wall by creeper or branch of tree causes bankruptcy.
  • 8. Touching in southern wall by creeper or branch of tree causes quarrel and diseases in the family.
  • 9. To ward off evil effects by trees or creepers, better ensure they are not planted near the house.
  • 10. For greenery sake and auspicious effect certain plants can be planted near the house without allowing the branches to touch the wall or walls, but only suggested plants and in suggested directions. Chameli, champa and gulab are good for eastern side; ashok and nilgiri for western side; small plants with yellow flowers, guava and custard apple for northern side; neem, coconut and ashoka for southern side.
  • 11. Cactus, banana, lemon, pomegranate and thorny trees should not be planted near the house.

Multi-Level Buildings

Multi-level buildings are considered inauspicious. In a multi-level building energy inside the structure can never be equitable. To be equitable, make the floor above the plinth in same level. If multi-level construction is unavoidable, certain precautions have to be taken for making the structure auspicious.

  • 1. Make the level of the floor in east side low and west side high. The level of the ground floor on any side should never be lower than plinth.
  • 2. For the plots having road on north or south side, have the construction in south-north direction. Make the level of the floor in north side lower than north.
  • 3. There should have no higher level in north-east, north, east, north-west or south-east direction. Similarly, there should have no lower level in south-east, south, south-west or west direction.
  • 4. If level in north-east direction is higher than in other directions. It spells disastrous. Business and income sources become deplete.
  • 5. If level in south-east direction is more or less than in other directions, it causes enmity, clashes and litigation.
  • 6. If the level in south-west direction is less than in other directions, it causes accidents, mental tension among ladies and blockade to economic progress.
  • 7. If the level in north-west direction is higher or lower than in other directions, it causes enmity among family members and others, upper hand to women etc.

Building on Hill

  • 1. There is no Vastu Sastra bar for building a structure on hill if the hill is in west or south direction of the city.
  • 2. The hills in north, north-east or east directions of the city are not good for construction.
  • 3. The hills with slopes towards east, north or north-east are good, while the hills with slopes towards south or west are bad.
  • 4. Hills with river, canal, sea, pond, lake or well in east or north are good. If they are in west or south, better take up no construction.
  • 5. The hills with slopes to all the four directions and having approach roads in east or north are good.
  • 6. Compound walls are necessary. The height of the east and north walls should be less than the height in south and west.
  • 7. Water source (well or underground tank) should be in north-east direction. If the tank is overhead, it should be in west direction.
  • 8. Arrange the compound wall gate in east, north or north-east direction. If that not feasible, arrange in west side of north-west or south side of south-east.
  • 9. Have the structure with more vacant space in east and north.
  • 10. No construction activity should be carried out in north-east corner as it will invite many troubles.
  • 11. No well, pond, septic tank or pit should be there in south-east, south, west or south-west.
  • 12. In upward or downward slope hills carry out the construction with upward slopes towards south or west.
  • 13. If the construction is multi-level, make it on upward slope towards south or west.
  • 14. Having taller hills in north-east, east or north are bad omens while taller hills in west and south are good omens.

Building in Ditch

As far as possible a plot in a ditch should be avoided for having a house or business building constructed. If unavoidable, such plots can be used with some corrective steps.

  • 1. If there is a road in the east, it can be used provided the road level is not higher than the plot level.
  • 2. For plots with road on west the road should be at higher level.
  • 3. For plots with road on north the road should not be at higher level.
  • 4. For plots with road on south side the road should be at higher level.
  • 5. If there are roads in more than one side, the roads at south and west should be at higher level and roads at north and east should be at low level than the plot.
  • 6. The plinth level should be at least 2 feet higher than the road level.
  • 7. The plots at lower level than the road or roads are inauspicious.

Vastu Sastra Effect on Agriculture

  • 1. Agriculture land with road in south is considered inauspicious.
  • 2. Allowing passage through own agriculture land to others’agriculture land is inauspicious.
  • 3. Slope towards east or north is good.
  • 4. Multi-level land is not good.
  • 5. Square or rectangular land is good.
  • 6. Tall trees on west and south are good omens.
  • 7. Well or pond in north-west, south-east or south-west is bad omen.
  • 8. Regulate the flow of water from west to east or from south to north to have beneficial effects.
  • 9. If a farm house or hut is planned, it should be located at south-west side.
  • 10. Cattle shed, if planned, should be located at west or north-west side.
  • 11. Tie the animals facing north or east with preference to north.
  • 12. Under no circumstance the animals should be tied facing south.
  • 13. Do the sowing or planting on Tuesday or Saturday.
  • 14. Sowing or planting should be started from south to south-west and ended clockwise at north-east.
  • 15. Begin the crop reaping from north-west to north and end clockwise at west.
  • 16. Keep the implements in south-west, north-east, north or east side.
  • 17. Ensure the crop is removed from the land through north, east or north-west side. This will help fetch better price.
  • 18. Keep the fodder in south or south-west side.
  • 19. Keep the fertilizer and pest management items in west side.
  • 20. Start the field preparation work for sowing or planting south-east to the north-east clockwise.
  • 21. In case of floriculture cultivation, plant red and pink flower plants in east, white and yellow in north, dark-blue, and blue-black in south, blue and violet in west.
  • 22. Mount or tall tree in the centre of the field is inauspicious.
  • 23. Row of black basil plants in east end side is good.
  • 24. In horticulture cultivation plant short trees in east or north, tall trees in south or west, tamarind, lemon or thorny trees in east, custard apple in north, pomegranate in west, coconut, mango and the like in south.
  • 25. In case of grape cultivation do it from south to north.
  • 26. Working or reaping should be done facing east or north. While giving manures, follow the same pattern.
  • 27. In case of fisheries utilize only half the land in east or north direction. Under no circumstance it should be in south direction.
  • 28. In case of goat farm it should be in west or south side.
  • 29. For poultry farm, west side is auspicious.
  • 30. Nursery for sale purpose, east or west is best.
  • 31. Avoid work of any nature after sun set.

Haunted Structure

Vastu Shastra

A haunted structure is always inauspicious. Living or doing business in such place is bound to have adverse effect. A structure or place may become haunted due to various reasons.

  • 1. If bones, hair, skulls or burnt wood are found in 5 feet deep during digging for foundation or otherwise, the place is haunted.
  • 2. Snakes frequented place is haunted.
  • 3. The house where children are not born is haunted.
  • 4. If members of family meet with untimely death one after one, the house they stayed is haunted.
  • 5. The house where suicide or death by burning took place is considered haunted.
  • 6 .The house where insane, blind or disabled is born is considered haunted.
  • 7. The absence of financial progress, prolonged illness to one or more members or regular quarrel among the family members is sign of haunting of the house.
  • 8. The crack in south, west or south-west wall is indication of haunting.
  • 9. A stranger who enters the house experiencing headache, wetting in the hands and feet, chest pain or totally uncomfortable is indicative of haunting.
  • 10. In new construction collapse of wall, leaving of workers work unfinished or any accident during the work is sign of haunting.
  • 11. If thorny bushes are cropped up automatically around the house, it is sign of haunting.
  • 12. If electrical equipments frequently become faulty, it is sign of haunting.
  • 13. Frequent braking of glassware, new instruments getting out of order etc are also sign of haunting.
  • 14. Food is either overcooked or undercooked in almost all days where the haunting is there.
  • 15. Cats weep and fight in the evening or dogs weep at night.
  • 16. Birds drop bones, hair or small dead creatures.

Road Effects on the Plot

  • 1.Road towards East of the Plot: It is auspicious.
  • 2.Road towards North of the Plot: It is auspicious.
  • 3.Towards West of the Plot: It is auspicious.
  • 4.Towards South of the Plot: It is of neutral effect. If the main door of the house in the plot is in south direction, instead of neutral effect bad effect is the result.
  • 5.Two Roads towards East and North: Auspicious.
  • 6.Two Roads towards North and West: Auspicious.
  • 7.Two Roads in West and South sides: Auspicious.
  • 8.Two Roads in South and East sides: Highly inauspicious. The possibility of owner becoming pauper is more.
  • 9.Two Roads in North and South sides: Comparatively inauspicious than auspicious.
  • 10.Three Roads in East, West and North and South side closed: Provide bad effects.
  • 11.Three Roads in East, West and South and North side closed: Inauspicious.
  • 12.Three Roads in North, South and West and East side closed: Inauspicious.
  • 13.Three Roads in East. North and South and West side closed: Not good.
  • 14.Roads on all sides of the Plot: Highly auspicious. Wealth will accumulate.
  • 15.Roads on all sides of the Plot with sub-roads from all sides: Highly inauspicious and highly risky to the owner.
  • 16.Roads on North, East and West with sub-roads from them: Highly inauspicious.
  • 17.Roads on North and West with sub-roads from them: Highly inauspicious.
  • 18.Roads on East and South with sub-roads from them: Highly inauspicious.
  • 19.Roads on East with sub-road from it: Inauspicious.
  • 20.Plot at the end of a Road: Highly inauspicious.

Signs and Symbols

All the planets play their role on the life of man for good or bad. When the stars are in good position good results are obtained and when in bad position bad results are accrued.

All the eight major directions of a house are ruled by different stars. The direction or sub-direction of the main door of the house has much bearing. The planet which rules that direction influences the life of the inmates, more the life of house owner. The position of the main door tells about the nature and future of the house owner and other inmates.

  • 1.Sun: If the main door is in the centre of east side, the ruling planet is Sun and the nature of the owner will be pious and ambitious. He will have liking for bitter items.
  • 2.Saturn: If the main door is in the centre of west side, the ruling planet of that direction is Saturn. The owner of the house is ought to be of serious nature, thoughtful and patient. He likes cold drinks and oily items.
  • 3.Mercury: If the main entrance is in the centre of north side, the ruling planet is Mercury. The family head will be intelligent. He is firm in doing the things in right time. He will have no special choice in foods or drinks.
  • 4.Mars: The main entrance being in the middle of south side, the ruling planet is Mars. The owner will be straight forward and bold. Oily and hot food items are his preferred choice.
  • 5.Jupiter: The main door being in north-east side of the east or north side, the ruling planet is Jupiter. The head of family will be generous and frank. He likes sweets more.
  • 6.Venus: If the main door is in south-east side of east or south side, the ruling planet is Venus. The family head is ought to be happy always. He will be liberal in spending, especially for entertainments. He likes milk products more.
  • 7.Astron: If the main entrance is in south-west side of west or south side, the ruling planet is Astron. The house owner will be cunning and scheming. He likes non-vegetarian foods more.
  • 8.Moon: The main entrance being in north-west side of west or north side, the ruling planet is Moon. The family head will be fickle minded and emotional and interested in travel. He likes more salt in the foods.

Auspicious Omens

Every event the man faces in day to day life has something to do with the likely happenings for good or bad or as an indication to take care of. The understanding about Omens will be much helpful in the life. Look at the auspicious omens here.

  • 1 When moving out from the house for some important matter if a cow is seen it is certain the objective will be achieved.
  • 2 If a white cow and calf are seen immediately after morning bath, the day will turn successful and happy.
  • 3 A cow or calf coming near the main entrance of the house without calling after sunrise is considered good for the entire family.
  • 4 A dog seen with uncooked meat or bone in the mouth is good omen.
  • 5 The sniffing of footwear by dog is an indication of successful travel.
  • 6 A dog lingering near the legs of a person is an indication of successful things to happen.
  • 7 Seeing grey coloured cat is good for the day.
  • 8 A black cat entering the house is good.
  • 9 If a cat is seen left side (without crossing) of a person on walk, it is an indication of goods things to happen.
  • 10 Evil forces kept apart and prosperity is assured if a cat gives birth to kittens in the house.
  • 11 Seeing of three black cats together is good for the day.
  • 12 If a cat scratches only one ear three times, it is an indication of guests coming.
  • 13 A horse lifting the right paw is an indication of good things to happen to the owner.
  • 14 If during the jumping of a horse in joy its tail movement speed increases and slams the right foot continuously, the success of owner is certain.
  • 15 Seeing a decorated horse is good.
  • 16 Seeing a white or reddish brown horse is sure indication of good things to happen.
  • 17 If a horse slams his left leg on the ground, the chances of his owner going abroad is more.
  • 18 Seeing two white horses together is good.
  • 19 A horse neighing during the race is sure to win.
  • 20 If one sees a crow coming from south-east direction in the evening, it is a good omen.
  • 21 If a crowing crow passes from left side, it is good.
  • 22 A crow coming from north-east in the early morning is indicative of hearing good news.
  • 23 Seeing a crow sitting on the back of a donkey or camel is good.
  • 24 Seeing a crowing crow with its face south-west directed, it results in financial gain.
  • 25 Seeing a crowing crow with its face south-east directed, is an indication of likely jewellery gain.
  • 26 If a crow is crowing south faced, it is an indication of likely getting a good treat or entertainment.
  • 27 If a crow is crowing north-west faced, it is likely to get grain as present.
  • 28 If a crow is crowing north faced, it is likely to get new clothes or vehicle.
  • 29 If a crow is crowing north-east faced, monetary gain is likely.
  • 30 Seeing a crow on a tree with fruit is indication of getting honour and wealth.
  • 31 A crow crowing in a different pleasant tune near the house is indicative of guest coming shortly.
  • 32 Seeing a crow sitting on the back of a horse is indicative of likely getting of a new vehicle.
  • 33 If an owl hoots on right side, it signals good things to happen.
  • 34 If an owl is seen left side, it is a good omen.
  • 35 Keeping of nails and paws of owl is good for getting wealth.
  • 36 Seeing a hood-spread black cobra is good for prosperity.
  • 37 A sneeze on the occasion of starting a business is highly auspicious.
  • 38 A sneeze during purchase of any article is considered auspicious.
  • 39 Sneeze from behind the back while going out for some work is a good omen of success.
  • 40 At the time of leaving the house for some work if a parrot chirps, it is an indication of success.
  • 41 Breaking of mirror in the house is an indication of likely change of residence.
  • 42 If a bangle vendor approaches from opposite direction, it is good.
  • 43 Funeral procession from opposite direction is a good omen.
  • 44 Hearing of tolling bells or sound from some instrument is an indication of success.
  • 45 If somebody with milk or curd is seen on the way, is a good omen.
  • 46 Seeing a white animal coming from north is good.
  • 47 Seeing a couple coming from opposite direction is indication of good things to happen.
  • 48 While leaving the house or on journey if somebody mumbles the number six, nine, ten, eleven and fourteen, monetary gain is likely.
  • 49 Seeing an elephant, horse, peacock or ox during journey is a good omen.
  • 50 Seeing persons carrying water pitchers during journey is auspicious.

Inauspicious Omens

  • 1 If seen tears flowing from the eyes of cow, it is certain the family head is going to have persistent illness.
  • 2 If a dog is seen with footwear in the mouth, the day will turn inauspicious.
  • 3 If a dog is seen with cloth in the mouth, some sort of trouble is ahead.
  • 4 If a dog is seen with dry bone in the mouth, the day is going to be bad.
  • 5 Seeing a dog scratching its legs or swapping its ears is a signal to the work of the day being unfinished or facing hardships during travel.
  • 6 Dog scratching the walls is indication of burglary to take place.
  • 7 If a dog barks in south-west direction looking afternoon sun, quarrel in the family is certain or else fire accident may take place.
  • 8 If a dog looks with head and body in different steps at a woman in the house, it is a signal to likely illness to somebody in the family.
  • 9 A dog weeping in abnormal voice from the top of the house is signal to likely calamity to take place.
  • 10 A dog barking from behind is an indication to the danger in store.
  • 11 If the dog eats less than the regular and tears flow, it is a signal for bad things to happen.
  • 12 Seeing a white cat crossing the path is indicative of setting in ill-health.
  • 13 If a cat falls on a sleeping person, it is almost certain great danger including death is in store for him.
  • 14 If a cat jumps to the forehead of a woman, it is more likely she will be widowed.
  • 15 Cat dying in the house is inauspicious.
  • 16 Quarrel of a male cat with a female cat is a sure signal of quarrel in the house.
  • 17 Seeing a horse coming from right side is a bad.
  • 18 If a donkey brays from the front or from behind, it is a signal for bad things to happen.
  • 19 If a donkey howls on the right side, it is inauspicious.
  • 20 Seeing a crow approaching from south-west in the evening is a signal to likely calamity.
  • 21 Group of crows crowing near corner of the house is indicative of danger in store.
  • 22 Crow crowing from roof of the house is bad omen.
  • 23 Crow sitting on the head is bad omen.
  • 24 Seeing crow flying clockwise is indicative of relations with relatives being worsened.
  • 25 Seeing crow flying with a vessel or any other useful article is a signal to bad things to happen.
  • 26 Seeing a crow sitting on the tail of a cow crows is indication of contacting ill-health.
  • 27 If an owl sits on the roof of the house or on the head of a family member, the downfall of the family is almost certain.
  • 28 Seeing the romance of two owls is likely to shorten the life.
  • 29 The crawling of serpent from right to left is a bad omen.
  • 30 The serpent coming crawling from front is signal of enmity.
  • 31 Seeing a snake at the time of starting a journey is bad.
  • 32 Seeing a white snake is bad.
  • 33 Sneezing on entering a house is bad.
  • 34 Sneezing at the time of wearing footwear is bad.
  • 35 Sneezing at the beginning of a travel is bad omen.
  • 36 Somebody sneezing in front or from right side at the time of starting a venture is indicative of loss to suffer.
  • 37 Theft is indicated if the parrot in cage sits quietly with face in north-east direction.
  • 38 Seeing of rainbow after sunset is signal for the family head to become sick.
  • 39 Stumbling or falling while coming out of the house is indicative of blockade in all fronts during the day.
  • 40 Seeing a funeral procession in the same direction one moves is bad for the day.
  • 41 Seeing a deformed person or a beggar at the time of starting a new venture or at the time of coming out from the house is a bad omen to keep the success away.
  • 42 Seeing a person coming from opposite direction scratching his head, at the time of moving out of the house, is signal of failure in the efforts of the day.
  • 43 Meeting a highly drunken person at the time of starting a new venture is inauspicious and may face many hardships.
  • 44 Seeing a person with fuel-wood or fire coming across is indicative of accident.
  • 45 Hearing of mumbling of one of the numbers from one to five, 7 or 8 is indication of trouble in store.
  • 46 Hearing of quarrel among the neighbours at the time of moving out of the house is indicative of failure in the efforts of the day.
  • 47 If flame of the lamp or candle goes off during worship, it is signal for the forthcoming hardships.
  • 48 If window’s glass pane cracks, it is bad omen.
  • 49 Crossing of marriage procession by funeral procession is indicative of failure in married life.
  • 50 Seeing a washer-man or a woman with pressed clothes in hand is indicative of failure of efforts on the day.
  • 51 Seeing a widow coming from opposite side is indicative of failure of the day’s efforts.