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Selecting the Right Home Builder

Building a new home is one of the largest and most important investments most people will make in their lifetime. With the big decision of which house plan to buy behind you it is now time to move on to the next equally important decision of choosing an established and reputable Home Builder. There are several important criteria you should follow when selecting this professional.

  • Is the Home Builder licensed in your state or province?
  • How long has the home building company been in business?
  • Do they have a permanent business address?
  • How many homes do they build each year?
  • Does their background and experience suit the style of home plan you are building?
  • Will they provide you with a list of past clients or references?
  • Are they a member of a Home Building Association? This is not essential; however, members of Home Building Associations usually have better access to the latest information on building technology. This information is usually furnished through educational work shops and Home Builder Association magazines.
  • Will the Builder allow you to visit the site during the construction period? How often? Are there any restrictions?
  • Does the Builder belong to a valid and recognized warranty program?
  • How does their after-sale service program work?
  • Do they have a standard set of sub trades they have worked with for years?
  • Do they have a straight forward and understandable contract?
  • Have they won any awards for outstanding workmanship or innovation? Once again, this is not imperative; however, this shows that the Home Builder is trying to excel in his field.

All of the above prerequisites are not mandatory; however, choosing the right company for the job can make a lengthy home building process much more tolerable and maybe even enjoyable for some people. Remember, home building is a journey, so do it wisely and do it well.